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Nikka Instrument is a leading manufacturer of testing and analyzing instruments. We serve many field applications. Our Instruments help you to maintain and control quality the goods in warehouse. inspecting Food safely before using is our mission the reason we develop machine series to serve you.

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Air Quality Monitor

The AQM is to measure the room temperature which can hang by hand to check the quality of air at the school, building, glass building, hospital AQM is approved the standard CE mark that is reliable and chosen by prissy customer. With the smart sensor “plugging is running”, we can easily to extend the controlling scope.AQM is one of the most quality for identifying the chance to save the energy in the process of air ventilation. This equipment helps to enhance the life quality with suitable price, maintenance mode for 2 years that bring for you the satisfaction.


The room temperature measurement IEQ includes 7 sensors which is setup synchronously. All temperature sensors and moisture is concerned regularly, the air sensor’s option includes  CO2, O2, CO, formaldehyde (HCHO), VOCs and another gases. The sensitivity and smart of an equipment is a ideal choice to control the quality of environment in culture room, office, the nursery, school, hotel also another public place. The room temperature measuring equipment AQM with displaying screen big LCD, has the light background which describes all the results simultaneously. It can be watched simultaneously all the sensors which is setup, the lifetime of battery, just pump and the correction status.


AQM has the ability of storing above 1 million results when using the SD card. It is optional the set of download data with USB connection with computers and AQM. All the accessories is equipped by the strong box to help safety in storing and transportation. These products are maintenance for 2 years, the sensors is maintenance for 1 year. AQM Battery with the big using time helps customer satisfying to work consecutively and conveniently. The equipment to measure the room temperature AQM helps users to program the sound alarm, LCD Screen and was built in the RS-232 interface to read on the computer. On-board temperature sensor and the corresponding moisture; extra up to 5 plus plug and play “smart” sensor. Delicate but simple and easily using the room temperature AQM that supplies the maximum features, flexible and features to supervise the environment’s quality in house, measure HVAC, compliant ASHRAE / ANSI, the operation process in no-pollution environment and the medical application/ laboratory.