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Nikka Instrument is a leading manufacturer of testing and analyzing instruments. We serve many field applications. Our Instruments help you to maintain and control quality the goods in warehouse. inspecting Food safely before using is our mission the reason we develop machine series to serve you.

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Automatic Measuring Polarimeter Equipment

Automatic measuring polarimeters machine PM-600 has high accuracy with optical rotation is 0.02 degree, is applying to food industry, chemistry, 

cosmetics and training of university. Polarized measurement is convenient to 

use, the measuring range is from -180 to +180 degrees. This equipment is 

suitable to measure the diopter of active substance. The accuracy is 0.02 

degree. Research and education. Industry and pharmaceutical industry. Food 

industry and sugar production, another industry.



This equipment is automatic so easily using.Automatically knowing the rotating 

substances of surface which has deviate light to the right and left.Automatically 

calculating the values of average.The handset polarize equipment is integrated with 

a sodium light with wavelength is 589nm. When you open the power button, the 

polarized lamp will light to the filter of polarized glasses. Users can see the private 

beam through the glass.


The manipulation is putting the tube of samples to the measuring cabinet, rotating

the button of vecnie ruler, you will see the equal brightness. Saving the measuring 

values from rulers, the process of testing has finished.





   Measuring scope


   The value of accuracy


   The source of light

Sodium Lamp



   The dimension of tube


   Requirements of input  power

AC 220V/50Hz

   Size of machine


  Net weight