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Nikka Instrument is a leading manufacturer of testing and analyzing instruments. We serve many field applications. Our Instruments help you to maintain and control quality the goods in warehouse. inspecting Food safely before using is our mission the reason we develop machine series to serve you.

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Grain Moisture Meter

Grain moisture meter and nuts are used to quickly check moisture in warehouses, fields, drying sites. Moisture test equipment GMT50 is designed according to the plans sensing electrical resistance for higher accuracy. In addition, the device is designed to measure moisture calibrated feature independently for each type of calibration particles in condition and each target different geographies.





This creates a difference between it and the others which does not bring optimum measurement results. Operating software is specifically designed for the agricultural sector to help better identify the density and moisture content of the grains especially crop grains.



The advantage features are microprocessor controlled and auto-off to save power and keep long used battery. The meter has light weight and compact that is so easy to carry to the testing fields in various wroking environment. The functions allow average, error correction to simplize application, morever six crops calbrated and able to request pre-cablirated.





Measurement  Range

6 – 40%, standard calibration


± 0.5%

Measuring Methode

Electrical Resistance

Measured Products

Baddy, Rice, Boro, Hard Wheat, Soft Wheat, Brown and milled, Coffee Been, pepper, grains


LCD backlit with fast responsibility



Operattion temperature

0 - 55oC at environment

Operattion Humidity

0 – 90% RH none-condensibel

Temperature compensation



Black case, 6 batteries

Power Supply

Battery 1.5V

Net Weight

1.4Kgs Approximately


164 x 94 x 40mm ( LxWxH)