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Nikka Instrument is a leading manufacturer of testing and analyzing instruments. We serve many field applications. Our Instruments help you to maintain and control quality the goods in warehouse. inspecting Food safely before using is our mission the reason we develop machine series to serve you.

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Moisture Temperature Meter

The grains contain on the inside a certain water content that is moisture. This water content need

to eliminate totally and ensure the safety in storing, being imitative or process. Therefore, we 

need to use the moisture tester for agricultural grains to make the best quality for our reputation. 

The moisture tester for all grains, agricultural products. MTP is the fundamental equipment to 

measure the moisture. The handle set is simple to help inspecting quickly and accurately the 

moisture of goods. The multifunction detecting equipment.

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MTP has corrections for grains which setup availably as wheat, oats, barleys, canola, rapeseed,

linseed, peas, beans, corns, sunflower seeds, coffee beans, soy beans, rice, grain sorghum and 30 

another corrections.  Users can create the private correction by using the. Furthermore, MTP has 

compensated temperature automatically. When environment changes temperature or wood 

sample which is deviant with environment temperature. MTP will compensate that gap. The 

principles of moisture tester based on the conductivity through the moisture layer or capacitive 

between two electrode plates. When measuring, moisture will be grinded and press between two 

plates, it is dependent on the much or less moisture and corrected through the measurements. . 

MTP is small, handle set and hanging on the wall that creates the comfort and flexible. Durable 

design, easily using with LCD screen. Ensuring the clear vision at the low light environment. 

MTP brings quickly result, accurately that makes user confident with the displaying values. The 

exact choice for measuring the moisture of grains. The packing list is strong bag, dustproof 

button, accessories as blade grinder and feeder ring, extra battery.



In order to respond the moisture testing demand of consumer, especially peasants, the 

production association, the moisture tester MTP-1500M is produced. This is a machine 

which has many characteristics, be a part of the equipment to measure moisture with high-

end quality. The multifunction moisture tester MTP-1500M is sponsored to design a good 

way, professional to create a good  product and bring the absolute trust for customer.



Moisture range : 5% - 85% Moisture content, readability 1%

Temperature range : -5oC – 105oC; Readability  1oC

The sensor probe is 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.m length designed Digi-signal achieve accuracy 

Working condition will be adopted with environment.