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Nikka Instrument is a leading manufacturer of testing and analyzing instruments. We serve many field applications. Our Instruments help you to maintain and control quality the goods in warehouse. inspecting Food safely before using is our mission the reason we develop machine series to serve you.

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Oxygen Sampling Pump

It is used for the industry of petroleum, chemical, fuels, electric, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, mine, food, transportation means and another.




This equipment can control and display the concentrations of oxygen simultaneously.  Users can set up the points, if the concentration of gas is more or less than the first points, this one will alarm and light.



Handset, use in industry, high sensitivity and accuracy. Achieving the safety standard and ABS+PC wrapper keep device on protection, scratch and broken resistant. The PCB inside get high capacity of chip and 4 floor of PCB board. Operation is Visible, aurally and totally be able to adjust. SETL& TWA buzz, Buzz for low battery and  re-charging battery, display on big LCD screen with the exact time of final concentration of air, clock and status of battery. The holding strap by stainless steel and support log in data features. Pump Kit of gas sample from the outside when detecting gas leakage.


Oxygen (O2)

Measuring scope

0-30% Volume

Resolution rate

0.1% Volume



Lifetime of sensor

≥2 years

Time of responding



Aurally alarm ≥75dB

Vision of LED ≥20m

Adjust Points

Totally adjust

Log in to data (optional)

Logging data consecutively (9000 data)

Configuration about 0.1 – 10 minutes

Time for acting consecutively

> 3 months (not including the reverse light)

Active flow

< 1mA (not including the reverse light)

Active temperature

-25℃~+55℃, short time -40℃~+55℃

Model of battery

PL123450, 3.7V/1500mA

Time for charging

4-5 hours

Dust and water resistant


Dimension and weight